Big Things Happening in 2020…

If you haven’t read my post on The Dream Village website, click here to check it out!

I’m selling discounted sessions over there to help raise funds to cover my expenses to travel to India and document an adoption. (EEEK!! This is my passion!!!) But I also decided to offer something over here.

Discount Photography Subscriptions…

I’ve decided to sell 4 of my yearly subscriptions for half price. This is a passion project for me and I’m going to do whatever I can to make sure I get to India.

This is the BEST deal you’ll get from me all year!

I’ll be selling two of my 12-session subscriptions and two of my 6-session subscriptions. They will need to be paid in full in order to get this discount, though. The 12-session subscription will be $1350 (regularly $225/month — $2700 total). With the discount, each session costs you less than $115. The 6-session subscription will be $900 (regularly $150/month — $1800 yearly total). This means you get each session for $150.

These subscription sessions can be used any time in 2020. It will be your responsibility to schedule them. Once 2021 hits, you will forfeit any sessions that haven’t been used. 

Jump on these before they’re gone! Click the images below to purchase.