Today's online world is driven by images. The easy access to good cameras and even phones can make or break us. Suddenly, everyone is a photographer. But there is so much more to photography than snapping an image. Your pictures are the first thing people will see! Don't turn them off with a mediocre portfolio, catalogue, or online image. Do it right the first time and you'll save yourself so much money in the long run.

Graphic/Web Design

Your graphics and your website are the first thing your clients use to judge whether they'll contact you or not. Good aesthetics draw people in for reasons they don't understand. Have you ever visited a crappy website after being on one that flowed seamlessly? If both companies are comparable in every other way, most people will choose the one that is visually appealing. Don't lose clients over amateur graphics or websites.


Video captures something that images can't. Sound and motion combined has the ability to move people. It can trigger emotions that catch people by surprise. Music videos, highlight films, documentaries... I've become obsessed with both the technical and the artistic aspects of these! I love transforming an idea into a finished piece of work. It's like a puzzle for me and I always make sure every piece fits perfectly.
What Can I Do For You?

In simple terms, I can make you look good! I can put you in a position that makes people want to click on your content. Let's be real... if your content doesn't look good, people won't click. There are too many images and videos bombarding our senses every time we get online. You've GOT to stand out or people will scroll right by.

What I Do Best?

Anything visual and creative! Adoption stories are where my heart is. I love working with musicians to create a seamless brand image. Music videos are so much fun for me. I can't choose one thing so I simply choose to do it all! The advantage for you is that you only deal with ONE person for all your visual needs. Once I catch your vision, that's it! There's no need to explain it to the photographer, the videographer, the graphic designer, and the web designer. I got you!

Where Am I Located?

Currently, I'm in Houston, but I have been all over the world for projects. I can be anywhere you are with a quick, direct flight from IAH. P.S. If you have a project somewhere I'm dying to go, I'm willing to negotiate a little more.


I want to help you put YOUR ideas into tangible form.

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