I’ve been shooting with Nadia for about a year now, and every time we shoot, we get better! Every time we try something new, we surprise ourselves. I’m convinced that working with the same people over and over gives my clients an advantage. As a photographer, I learn what they like or don’t like. Sometimes, they don’t like the way they unknowingly raise one eyebrow. Sometimes, it’s a certain way their mouth turns when they smile. I learn which side is their “best” side and which angle is the most flattering. Not only that, but we truly start to work as a team… shooting ideas back and forth, planning for future shoots, and even planning trips together.

Here are a few of my favorites of Nadia. Be sure to check out her music, too! She’s super talented!


MQ7A0105 MQ7A0138  MQ7A0271  MQ7A0330 MQ7A0385 MQ7A0416  MQ7A0445 MQ7A0462 MQ7A0468 MQ7A0504 MQ7A0509 MQ7A0514-2 MQ7A0515 MQ7A0542 MQ7A0621 MQ7A0644-2 MQ7A0665 MQ7A0763 MQ7A0811 MQ7A0913 MQ7A1008 MQ7A1057   MQ7A5735 MQ7A5740-Edit MQ7A5835  MQ7A5936 MQ7A5957 MQ7A6006 MQ7A6021