When I quit my insurance job six years ago, I never could have imagined where God was going to take me from there. I crossed my fingers, prayed a LOT, and begged God to provide enough money for me to pay my bills. There was a Christmas when someone felt led to give me $500 and without it, I honestly wouldn’t have been able to do much for my kids. Being self-employed has its perks but it’s a lot of work, too. You guys may see my pics from China, Scotland, and Uganda and think I’ve got it made. But what you don’t see is the huge amount of work and stress and uncertainty that goes into reaching those few mountain top moments. I’ve spent the last six years staying up late to work, waking up early to work, doing free photo shoots, missing my kids’ basketball games, learning new skills, building websites, making mistakes, sitting behind my laptop for HOURS …. you get the idea. It’s been a huge sacrifice to get to where I am now. And it still is a sacrifice! Some days I would love nothing more than to get a “real” job, have a regular paycheck, get a bigger house, drive a nicer car, and be home with my kids more.

But those moments — the ones when I wonder why I keep doing this — they all lead me back to my purpose. My calling.

I am called to create… Photos, videos, graphics, websites, art… it doesn’t matter what it is. My calling is to create. I’ve been this way since I was a child! When I was in 2nd grade, I remember overhearing my dad say, “She’s creative but she sure knows how to make a mess!” Lol. I like to think I’ve gotten the messy part under control, but my neat-freak daughter might disagree. 🙂

My friend, Terrance, recently pointed out to me that the very first thing God did was create. Have you ever thought about that? In the beginning, God created. A quote I read yesterday hit the nail on the head:

“Like (C.S.) Lewis, the gospel frees us to create for the pure joy of creating, not seeking fortune or fame, but the fame of the One who has called us to create.” (From a Called to Create Bible Reading plan.)

I don’t post photos because I want you to look at them and say “WOW! She’s got a really cool life!” I share my life with you because I want you to look at the One who brought me here and say, “Man… I’d like to know Him, too.” He’s the only One who is worthy of any kind of fame.

Through all the crazy, uncertain times, not only has He has provided what I need to survive… He has given me exactly what I need to THRIVE. He’s answered all my prayers and then some. He’s blessed me for relentlessly pursuing the things that set my soul on fire, and this morning I prepared for another adventure…

To BALI. I booked a flight to Bali today!

I’ll be traveling there to document a fitness retreat and will get to be a part of all the activities as well! We’ll be hiking Mount Batur, taking a rice paddy cycling tour, doing daily fitness activities, and recharging our batteries. I am pinching myself and thanking God at the same time. He’s been so good to me.

If you’re not pursuing the thing that He’s called you to do, can you explain why? Is there a good enough excuse for why you are choosing to get by by rather than going full speed ahead in the direction of your calling? If He put it in your heart, He’ll give you what you need to see it through.

It won’t always be easy, but I’m living proof that it’s worth it.

(These are not my photos…. But I can’t wait to share some after my trip!)


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