This one was a challenge but also SO. MUCH. FUN.

Once we decided to film vertically, I had to research the best way to do it. I read so many articles in preparation. I wanted to make sure I didn’t screw this up…

Filming with my camera vertically was such a change… there is a lot less space around the subject so I tried to get wider shots that would give me a little more freedom in post. I also used a tripod for a LOT of this to make sure it was stable.

Right before we began filming, I told T we should make the video like it was opening on his phone and taking over the phone of the person watching. He loved the idea so we really ran with it. I decided to get screen recordings of things I might want to use and he came up with the idea of make the videos actually scroll as if they were in an instagram feed.

Ultimately, the result is one of my favorite videos ever! I love everything about it: the message, the actresses– Ashley ( and Genesis (the daughter of ), the locations, and the editing.

I’m really proud of this one and I think the world needs to see it! Shout out to TQ for writing music that actually MEANS something. <3