The Dream Hub

It hit me like a brick...

Have you ever had to be hit upside the head before you realized you had a skill that could really help others? Well, I have. You see, for years I've done my own websites, branding, marketing, etc. I've also helped friends with their branding but I've never gone full force as a marketing agency (even though that's what my degree is in)!

Well, recently, I got hit upside the head with "WHY ARE YOU NOT OFFERING THIS TO MORE PEOPLE?"

The missing piece...

Enter my friend/business partner of nearly a decade who has every piece of knowledge that I'm lacking which completes the puzzle. I'm in charge of making sure your stuff looks good. He's in charge of making sure your stuff gets seen.

We know we can help others because we've grown our own businesses (and others) with the tools that we're going to offer you. Whether you need social media marketing, help with Facebook ads, a brand new website, photos, a promo video, an SEO consultation, or some combination of all these things, we can help get your business where it needs to be.

How can we help?

The issue with most businesses today is that they focus on one aspect of marketing and branding but they never invest in the whole package. What good is a website that no one ever sees? Or if everyone sees your website but it looks terrible, that's even worse!

We know you have something valuable to offer your target clients. Whether that's a service you offer that they need, a product you sell that will make their lives easier, or a piece of inspirational advice that will change the way they look at the world, the thing you offer is NEEDED.

Let us help you get it to the people whose lives you will change.

Visit for more info. Email us if you're ready to set up a consultation.


Why your branding matters...

Branding in these digital times is everything. Have you ever been torn between two companies? Maybe you need a new logo. So you start googling graphic designers. You'll more than likely find a couple designers whose work you like. So how do you choose between them? Their presentation is the determining factor. How easy is it to navigate their website? How clear is the content on their site? Are the images professional? Is their website easy on your eyes? Does it look professional?

You may not even realize you're asking these questions in your head, but I promise you are. When it comes down to deciding between two companies, you're always going to choose the one that looks more professional.

So why do you have selfies on your website? Why are you trying to get by with a janky website that communicates to people that your presentation isn't important to you? Do you realize that trying to sell high quality products or services with low quality branding isn't gonna work? All you're communicating is that you're not willing to invest money in your own project. If that's the case, how can you expect other people to invest their money in what you're selling? You've got to show the world you believe what you're selling is the absolute best option for them. The only way to do this is to pay for high quality branding that is aesthetically pleasing.

Not sure where to go for this? I offer everything you need to brand yourself or your business. Photos, videos, web design, graphic design... I do it all in house. No out sourcing. This means you communicate your vision once and it comes to life. We work together from start to finish and you walk away with branding that you can display proudly.

In 2019, my business partner and I are merging some aspects of our businesses. He does audio production, sound design, SEO, social media ads, and social media marketing. We're investing a lot to create a new brand that represents both of us and shows what we can accomplish for you. This means that prices will go up in 2019.

So if you're dragging your feet on your branding, NOW is the time. Stop saying you can't afford it. You honestly can't afford to lose any more customers because of a low quality online presentation. You don't even know how many people skip right over your instagram because your images don't speak to the quality of your work. Let's change that before the new year! Drop me an email and let's get started!

To see a sample branding project I've done, click here.

Invest in Yourself // Branding + Image

Do you believe in you? Your branding tells all!

How much do you believe in what you're doing? If you tell me anything less than 100% I'm gonna ask you why you're doing what you do. Don't waste your time if you don't believe in it! If you tell me you believe in yourself 100%, I'm gonna ask how much you're willing to invest in your dream.

No matter what you do, branding is the most important aspect of your business. Your image is built 100% on your branding. So if you want to come across as a mediocre music artist, go ahead and post mediocre photos, videos, and music. But if you want people to look at you as an A-list musician, you've got to have quality images and videos. If you're not willing to invest in yourself, why should other people invest in your music? Dreams take investment... there's no way around it.

You can control how people feel about your content...

Whether you're in marketing, oil and gas, music, clothing, a creative field... your image is always determined by the quality of the content you post. You automatically have an image based on what you share. The good news is that you can control that image! If you want to appeal to high end clients, you have to have high end content. If you're focused on millennials, you have to be relatable. Your photos, videos, and website speak volumes before you ever say a word. What do they say about you?

Let's play a game! Shoot me an email (CLICK HERE) with your Instagram handle and I'll send you three words that I think describe you/your brand. Let's see if it lines up with the image you're trying to portray. If it does, YAY! You're on the right track! If it doesn't, at least you'll know and you can start shifting it. And if you don't even know what you want your image to say, then maybe this will motivate you to think about it.

Branding Photography + Web Design

Branding Photography

Maurice came to me with an outdated website, a clear vision of what he wanted, and a willingness to listen to my suggestions. He needed a brand overhaul--new website, new photos, and new content for social media. As an author and speaker, he needs to appeal to both the administrators at a school as well as the students so we focused on making him look professional but approachable. The final product is something we both love! You can see his new website by click here. And just FYI... if you need someone to speak to a group of students, he's your guy. I've watched how kids react to his story and they LOVE him. He connects with them on their level while also motivating them to make wise choices.