Review of FIVE camera travel bags on Amazon (Under $100)

Which Camera Bag is Best for You?

Okay… so I admit it. I’ve spent way too much time on Amazon looking at camera bags. I’ve analyzed, compared, over analyzed, checked prices, and analyzed some more. Over the last few years, I’ve tried five different camera bags, and I decided to give all the scoop here to save you some time!

BagSmart - $79.99

I used this BagSmart bag for two years. I loved pretty much everything about it. It has a pocket on each side and one side has a strap to hold a tripod. I could carry a camera body, 2-3 lenses, a flash, and some extra batteries very easily in the bottom compartment. In the top, I was able to carry other things like my purse, camera strap, sometimes an extra flash, laptop charger, etc. I loved the cinch top it had on the upper compartment because I could really stuff it full if I needed to. (This was ultimately what caused a zipper to break, though.) The laptop compartment fit my 15″ laptop with extra room. There were tons of extra pockets, side access to the camera, and it was made of really sturdy canvas material. The only MINOR complaint I had was the straps that hang over the camera compartment would get in the way when I was trying to zip it.

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Caden - $79.99

I got this Caden bag at the same time I got the BagSmart one. I really wanted to like this one. I love the material and the “professional” look of it. It would be perfect for someone who wanted to take only one camera body and maybe two small lenses. But the smaller bag that fits inside the bottom compartment is too small for me to fit all the equipment I like to travel with. I do love all the small pockets and the compartment for the phone that attaches to the front of the strap, but overall this one was not a winner for me, but it would probably be perfect for someone who carries less equipment or wants to have a smaller bag to carry to a photo shoot without taking the whole bag.

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Mosiso #1 - $52.99

I really like this bag a LOT! It was a little smaller than I anticipated, but it still holds a ton of stuff. The bag is made of a heavy canvas material similar to the BagSmart one I used. I like the many small pockets this bag has–one on each side, one on both the top and bottom sections of the front. The laptop compartment is inside the top zipper. I wasn’t sure if I would like that. Sometimes, I get my laptop out on a plane and I tend to stuff my bags really full. I’d be afraid all my things would fall out as I was getting my laptop out. I do like how compact this bag is. It really fits a lot in it. My only reason for not keeping this one, is that I don’t think I can overstuff it like I have with others. Lol.

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Mosiso #2 - $52.99

Okay… This is the BIG DADDY of all camera bags. It’s wide AND tall. Plus the top part expands so you can really pack a lot in this bag if you want to. This bag really has everything one would need. Lots of small pockets, tons of space to hold equipment, a strap to hold a tripod and a rain cover. (The other Mosiso bag and the Tarion bag also come with a rain cover.) My only reason for not committing fully to this bag is I’m afraid it might not fit under the seat of the plane and I like to keep my equipment in a bag that will fit under the seat so I’m never forced to check it. If you aren’t worried about that and you need a BIG bag, this one is for you!

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Tarion - $79.99

This Tarion bag turned out to be the winner for me. It has so many pros and only one con in my opinion.

The pros: This bag is very deep. It holds a lot of equipment very easily. Currently, in the bottom section I have a Sony a1 camera body with a battery grip, a 70-200mm lens, a 14-24mm lens, a 28-75mm lens, a flash, extra batteries, AA batteries, and a small video light that attaches to the shoe of the camera. In the top section, I have a small purse, my laptop charger, headphones, a pair of glasses, a bag that holds my loose cables, a camera strap, a small push that holds my passport, and a ziplock bag of cough drops and medicine.

The con: There are not enough small pockets. There is one pocket on the side of the bag that holds a water bottle or small cords, but other than that, there are no small pockets. I love having a couple zippered pockets to put gum or personal items that I want to get to easily.

Overall, though, this bag is phenomenal for the price. I love the material. I love the way the top rolls down if you don’t have a lot packed in it. It’s sturdy and stands up on its own, which a lot of bags don’t do once you stuff them full of equipment. I carried it on a plane and it fits perfectly under the seat, too. Great bag for a GREAT price.

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